ZEEKtheFREAK (1996)

It's your roond

ZEEKtheFREAK (1997)

The word according to the philosophy of the happy psycho

ZEEKtheFREAK (1998)

Freakin'out with the necrophilliac cowboy

ZEEKtheFREAK (2000)

Transvestite Femme Fatal

ZEEKtheFREAK (2008)

Idiots seeking sanctuary at the armageddon

ZEEKtheFREAK (2009)

I am the Devil E.P.

ZEEKtheFREAK (2010)

Let it rain E.P.

ZEEKtheFREAK (2012)

Just a Fantasy E.P.

ZEEKtheFREAK (2015)

Kiss the arse of stone (single)

ZEEKtheFREAK/Don Philippo (2016)

Crawling back to mi corazon (single)

ZEEKtheFREAK (2016)

Blow a fuse E.P.

ZEEKtheFREAK (2016)

Xmas for the alkies (single)

ZEEKtheFREAK (2017)

Lost in your eyes (single)

ZEEKtheFREAK (2017)

P​.​M​.​S. (psychoz maxi singles volume 1)


Spaced out on Planet Bizarre

Zeek D'Accoustique (2018)  EXPECTED 

Let sleeping dogs lie


A million light years E.P.

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