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the musical heart of Zeek Catweazle

This is the project Zeek is best known for. The project was started in 1996 and he has recorded 7 albums and released 9 singles to date

Zeek has written, recorded and produced most of the songs for the albums himself, with occasional help from session musicians.

The live show, he surrounds himself with a band of top musicians and entertainers.

It is the live shows, where this project shines best. With a variety of costume changes and antics, (sometimes on the borderline of indecency), but none the less, it is a show unlike any other and one that has to be seen

This project is the acoustic side of Zeek. With origimal songs, combined with acoustic versions of welknown ZEEKtheFREAK tracks and a few Scottish classics, it brings out the relaxed musical side of Zeek. Taking the project on stage is either solo or with a band

Bands history

The history starts in the early 1970's, his first band was an Alice Cooper cover band with school friends, but officially the history began with the Snap-on Brothers, a band formed in 1977 with guitarist Murray 'Muff' Tosh and later, after the brothers disbanded, the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ with the third member of the brothers Dave 'Giz' Mann

In 1996, he started to record for the first time as ZEEKtheFREAK and later formed a band for his stage show.


He has been involved with many projects since then, bands such as Ebo, Fill Bloom, My Celtic Faith, a project with Tommy 'theBonz' Kuilboer (ex-Freak) and Lars Vrasdonk (ex Fill Bloom) and Lennaert Roomer (Frostbyte of theFreaks)


He has started a new project ZEEK D'ACCOUSTIQUE to use for his alternative acoustic sets. .

the Bands