Sunday morning on the banks of the Parramatta river in Sydney harbour, the Opera house stands majestic and glowing in the warm early morning summer sun. A millionaires yacht slowly glides past the historic building, a father points out the finer points, educating his children of the beauty and history of this historic landmark. It is another beautiful day. Waltzing Mathilde can be heard from a radio on the banks of the river. Suddenly little Frankie points to the water and screams...

"Godstruth dad, I just saw fuckin' Nemo, let's fry the little bastard..."


Everyone on the boat fall around laughing...it was then I opened my eyes and I thought


'What the fuck was that all about....it has bugger all to do with this story. So try to get that image out of your head.


Who am I my name is ?, I am a private investigate, one with a difference, I only accept the cases everyone else rejects. I jumped into my sports car and headed up the coast to my next case in Adelaide, I was....stop stop stop, fucking stop this shit, day dreaming again


We are transported like a fart in the 'mistral' winds of Southern France, to a cold rainy wet and damp imaginary land.

For there on the shores of the Polluted river. In front of the Scary Jaggy mountain range, lies the not so sleepy town Foddlebeurg.

It is here our story begins, at the neighbours house of not so famous Opera singer Sid House......


"Stop stop in the name my later husband's dead pet squirrel Arthur." screamed Ethel von Buggerlugs hyphen Arz in the general direction of Luvalot Crackopen the 3rd. Her adopted pet sister and utensil thing .


"I can't believe it, you washed my silk knickers with your woollies, you utter utter utter fanny. " she screamed further less than amused with the help.


Ethel was a woman of great stature, in figure and attitude, she was a 60 year old widow of 10 years, but still carried her husband's name, General Bert hyphen Arz, and his ashes about in her purse.

This was distrubing to others, as she has to rake about in the ash looking for change, but as she said.


"It makes me feel close to him..."


It was suggested she might put it in an urn, but she just dismissed it as ludicrous.


Dancing blindly, like a mole on acid, Luvalot just danced out of the room, totally ignoring the words of Ethel. She was of Polish decent , her real name was Romin Indegloamin, but has nothing to do with this case, maybe another....but who knows except me and I am a selfish bastard and am keeping it to myself....any she emigrated to Foddleburg in the great flood of '84 and has lived with Ethel since the old bag fished her out of the Pollute, the river that runs straight through Foddleburg and directly past Ethel's house.


Ethel had on more than one occasion, 6,482 times to be exact, tried to pon Luvalot of to anyone who would have her, sailors, bakers, even the candlestick makers of Earwax Alley, but to no avail. Yes the they would all try her out for a night, but they always brought her back the next day.

Ethel always wondered while she counted the money, why this was, but it may be the fact she never washed her hairy underregions and there were always flies around or the fact she farted at a steady pace of 2 farts a minute.


Strange things were happening in Fodlleburg, strange things indeed. Apart from the usual mass murder, embezzlement and rape cases, you know the normal things in a busy town, there was something very strange on the go.


As Luvalot danced passed the window and saw a strange small fat shadow lurking amongst the bushes at the bottom of the garden near the compost heap.


"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHSKI!!!!!" She screamed in a very high Polish girlie voice


"Stone the crows and the pigeons as well...you utter gobshite," Ethel roared "I could have peed my pants......" she paused for a large drink of brandy, before continuing "if I had been wearing any. Quick Luv fetch me my anLuv pee panties "


But Luvalot's face went from happy to shock within millisecond.


"No chanski, stoneski the fucky fucky crowski " Bo peeped


'"WHAT!!!!" bellowed Ethel


"Lookski" Bo was crying by now " lookski, the washski line, goneski, panties goneski, nickedski"


Both women frose for a second then darted for the window


But when they appeared at the window, this little fat shadow disappeared into the night. Which was acually a very strange thing within itself, because it was 2 in the afternoon and it was a beautiful sunny spring afternoon.


I told you, didn't I, strange things were happening in Foddleburg, but would you listen...oh no you just ignored me, now I am in the huff and don't want to continue......


"Oh for fuck sake, get on with it, I shaved my pubes and legs for this, you big nobhead. " Ethel screamed at me


Being the wimp that I am, I will obey and continue, now read on.....


We shoot across to the Police headquarters.


"You cunt..." Ethel screamed at me " you promised us a bigger part in this book..."


But when I try to answer Luvalot sticks her boobs into the conversation.


"Yeahski fuckov" she screamed in perfect broken Englisir


I tried to explain, I had given them the honour of opening the book, but still the abuse was hurled in my general direction like a monkey throwing his fiesece at people at the zoo.


Quickly, I closed the door to this section, even I could hear their angry rantings and swearing, I felt safe. I might bring them back into the story at a later date, but who knows what is going on in that head of mine...well definitely not me


"Mince" cried Inspector Poopoo...."I'll have anything but mince, last time I had that, I had the shits for about a fortnight." They were ordering food from the local Indian, for the afternoon shift at Fodlleburg Police station.


"...and I don't want rat." he continued "Rat is worse than mince...I dared not sleep, with that bloody cat in the room, after I had eaten bloody rat. Bloody cat nearly nibbled my bloody ear off."


"I'll just get chips then for you." P.C. Bumwillie said


"Aye lad, nowt wrong with chips." the Inspector replied.


Soon the red alarm phone rang.


"Foddleburg Police Station, how can we bloody ignore you?" Sargent Squinty remarked.


A mumbling could be heard coming from the other end of the line.


"Hold on a bloody moment, sir." the sarge said "....oh I mean ma'am. let me get someone who bloody understands bloody mumble."


P.C. Bumwillie, bloody front desk, bloody immediately."


The running sound of big tackety boots running could be heard through the hallway.


"And for Christ sake, Bumwillie, tell bloody old man Billy Goat, to stop bloody running in the bloody hall or at least put on bloody running shoes....bloody pest."


It will not be a surprize to hear, the sergeant's nickname is Bloody Squinty


"Here." the sarge grunted "find out what the old bag wants." handing the phone to the P.C.


"Morning P.C. Bumwillie, how can I help you," he said


"Mumble mmuuhhhaa mummble mmmuuuubbbaaaahhhh." was heard.


"Aha!, I see and the reason is?" the P.C. enquired


"Mummmbble mum ble mmmmmmuuuhhaaa mumbel." again was heard.


"Okay, I'll see what I can do, but ma'am, may I suggest putting your teeth in before calling next time. Good morning." the P.C. hung up.


"Well?" the Sargent asked the young policeman.


"Well." he said " she started with Mumble mmuuhhhaa mummble mmmuuuubbbaaaahhhh and then continued with, Mummmbble mum ble mmmmmmuuuhhaaa mumbel , very strange indeed." the P.C. remarked.


"In the name of Juniper's underpants, what the hell does it mean, you idiot." the sergeant screamed.


"Oh!" giggled Bumwillie before continuing "There has been a murder at the Von Buggerlugs estate."


A silent pause fell upon the surroundings before the P.C. realised and then he screamed.




(Pause for really scary music)




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