the written words of Zeek Catweazle



Zeek Catweazle will always be best known for his music with ZEEKtheFREAK, but very few people know of his written work, his novels and his poetry. Hopefully, these pages will show you his literal talents.


This is to be the start of the collection of novels from The Foddleburg Tales.

He is currently working volume 2, a story about a strange pervert and is called The Panty Thief of Fodlleburg

Volume 3 is to be a strange story about a Baby called 'the Bouncing Baby Betty' and the crazy things that happens around her

Volume 4 is to be about a Doctor's Surgery of Foddleburg lunatic Asylum, the fools that visit it and the life of the

Doctor who runs it, entitled: 'Doctor Cedric Honeycup butter knows'


ZEEK also writes other stories not associated with Foddleburg and with less humour, one such novel is a short

story of 'The Princess & the bear' A love story not unlike his own.

ZEEK has also taken to writing very short stories and they will be combined in a book yet to be titled.

Most of his written work/novels will also be available @ WATTPAD


He also dabbles in verse with his poetry



Zeek's humour is an acquired taste and can be controversial, it might shock a few people. It might also make you sick or even fart..............................................YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

a manuscript of fools


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