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Police Dawn Raid on home



Foddleburg C.I.D. and the Riot squad

of the 'CrackHeads' Division stormed

the 'Stifz Old farts Home', in full riot

gear, .... read inside





Tour de Foddleburg In Sport



Follow this Tour through the area,

the winners, the losers, the dopeheads.

Plus all the other sport news that other

tabloids ignore.... read inside




Religion Special



What the hell is going on with Religion

Read our indepth special, but remember

If you lower yourself to read,

you will go to inside



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9th June 2018

Due to the lack of interest and participation with the Fools Funnybone, I have decided to make it a twice yearly thing. If I change it back, time will tell


6th Feb. 2018

The Fools Funnybone 2 is now available to everyone. I am judging this edition to see for reactions. Whether to keep it open on the website or to make it email only, when I will send it to people who have subscribed.


21st Jan 2018

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