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The latest film news from Barry Nobman

Here we are again film fans with all the latest film news from Holywood, Bollywood and Fuckwood.


My selection this time of new movies is a blockbuster film from Steven Spamburger costing a staggering €13.25.

After such classic animal films such as Pig, Beethoven, King Kong and Spank my monkey, This week sees Hollywood releasing the new family film about a sheep which they wittily entitled Dinner.

(right) Larry happy on the set of the new blockbuster film 'Lunch' just before he was eaten

A hilarious film following the adventures of Lamby Lambchops, who gets lost when his human family (the Bastards) leave him locked in his barn because the night before he had been a naughty sheep. When he finally escapes and with the help of some animal friends, fights disaster after disaster and finally finds his way back home to the new family home, just in time to be eaten for Sunday lunch. Out Friday around tea-time and appearing at all the major cinema's and restaurants

Well, that's all we have for you, for now, join me again next time for some more crap news about really crap movies, that I get paid to watch. Bye for now

What's hot on the boardwalk?

directed by Jonathan Dummy & starring Rodie Fosterchild and Roberto Brown

Holy cow or should I say Holy sheep, this play is just HOT! HOT! HOT!

I really just want to rip both their clothes off and pee all over them, cause these lambs are on fire.

But in all sincerity there really should be a health warning posted on this play

because you have so much pleasure watching it, your heart might explode, honest!!!


For the part of Falafel Erector, the nutjob sheep shagger with a very small penis, Roberto Brown was perfectly cast and Rodie Fosterchild as Fleece Farming was just a dream to watch as she asks that perv Falafel some assistance in a case she is working

on. The 2 bounce off each other, literally, as Roberto

has no control of his body balance.

(left) Falafel and Fleece during their first encounter at Falafel's jail and (right) Roberto Brown in top form as that scary Falafel Erector, as he explains about sheep

No words I write will do this play justice, so I will shut the fuck up and suggest you get your lazy butts off the couch and go and witness this gem before it's too late and those bastards pull the plug on it and they will, you know.

Be sure to check your local press for details

Bobby gives this play

Television Tony Typhoo's TV Tips


What to watch the coming week on the tele,

brought to you by television addict Tony Typhoo.


Tony watches everything on his 241 television sets and what he doesn't watch he records for later on one of his 47 recorders.

Well he didn't get eyes like that watching Porn, well, maybe a bit









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Aliens probed my Anus

a man tells of his ordeel when he was abducted by aliens, who looked a lot like members of his family


Shiek Meporky convicted

The Sheik of the State of Motherwell (it really

is a state) has been arrested when indecent

photo's were found on his computer




the insanity continues



No nudes, football teams, but nearly everything else goes

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Mr John Fiddlefingers sent a photo of his two boys

Pushubrah - Soap parade

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Here I am again with all the showbiz gossip, all the glamour and the gutter talk. I can't tell you how I get my news, but it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth....

People with famous brothers are making a bid to become famous of their own accord. Photo 1 is a photo of Rod Stewart's brother Tod, who has made a physical fitness video called Do you think I'm flexy and photo 2 is of Freddie Mercery's brother Teddy who will star in the new tv programme Garden makeover show for the stars on Foddleburg 2 entitled We will Rock Garden you

I need not wish both all the best as they are guaranteed fame, sponging off their famous brother's success

Hard times have hit the one time Rock legend and Jethro Tull's lead man Ian Anderson. The band's last album was utter crap and only sold 3 copies, to his mum, his auntie Betty and the nice old lady down the street. As our

photo shows, poor Ian has had to take to the streets, not to play but to beg for money, he had to sell his guitar for his last meal. I hope he finds his feet again. He took them off one night (he has false feet) and some bastard stole them

If ever there was proof that monks have a great sense of humour, then surely this proves it. As the silent monks of Tibetan Shutrafckup Temple played a prank on his holiness the Dalai Lama when they got up a little bit earlier and stole his false teeth. As you can see from our picture the Dalai Lama took it in his stride and they all laughed for

hours, silently of course. But, I can assure my dear readers that his holiness got his falsers back long before breakfast and I hear he laughing still.

That's it for now, join me again next time for more spicy and glamerous showbiz gossip you sad bastards like to read.






luv ya

Candy Cummings

the Reverend Freako

Granny Pyshderpants will get the answers when she interrogates someone famous. No holding back, straight for the jugular.Due to the religion special in this edition, we have a very special interview


This edition His Holiness the Reverend Freako


GP: So Holy Joe, have you been fiddling about with the choirboys?

RF: Excuse me, I don't understand

GP: yeah!, but what about a few of those nuns and the big hooters?

RF: Can I ask what this interview is about. I only agreed to do it, because you said it would be a candid interview about Jesus or God or the bible

GP: O! stop acting so naive, what goes on in this convents, is it pants down and bleed for Jesus?

RF: Right that's it, Jesus Mary mother of God!!!!!

GP: Cross too tight? Okay one serious question

RF: Okay

GF: As Jesus hangs on the cross, they say he died for our sins, yes?

RF: Yes he did

GF: Well, I was wondering......Why the fuck would he, I'm a cunt, I know for certain he didn't do it for me, bet it was for those choir boys, he thighed for our sins, more like it.....pervert!!!!!!


...and with that, the Reverend Freako stormed out of the sex parlour and the interview was over. Yet again, Granny uses the assertive approach and talk utter garbage, it's only because we are shit scared of her that she has not been fired.....fact!


Next Time.....some other poor bastard