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My friends, these are hard times for the inventive mind, funds are scarce, so I call apon you to help out and show your support as I follow my dreams as Zeek Catweazle or as ZEEKtheFREAK.. In order for me to keep the costs of the CD's down or the Fools Funnybone (which is still free) I need help from my friends and my followers by supporting me and donating something HERE or even better is if you pledge or sponsor me for a small amount every month HERE.

I am not asking for the moon, just the amount you would spend on a pint at the weekend. Thank you for helping out and I will continue to produce the thanks & respect  to those who help.

for just a few €uro's a month

These totally groovy people are sponsoring Zeek


Yes it Hurts!

Molenstraat 42A

1741 GK Schagen



Agatha Stoneheart - Ecrivain



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