My friends, these are hard times for the inventive mind, funds are scarce, so I call apon you to help out and show your support as I follow my dreams as Zeek Catweazle or as ZEEKtheFREAK.. In order for me to keep the costs of the CD's down or the Fools Funnybone (which is still free) I need help from my friends and my followers by supporting me and donating something HERE or even better is if you pledge or sponsor me for a small amount every month HERE.

I am not asking for the moon, just the amount you would spend on a pint at the weekend. Thank you for helping out and I will continue to produce the thanks & respect to those who help.

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Hoi!, You there reading this. Why don't you help Zeek out., instead of spending all your cash on junk food and crap you don't need. Don't be an asshole, be a friend to Zeek.

Go on you tight fisted bast........


Although we applaud Granny Pyshderpants commitment to the cause, everyone associated with Zeek or ZEEKtheFREAK distance themselves from her methods and bullying... there is just no controlling her

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