Musical releases Zeek has been involved in (cassette, CD and download)


the Infamous Idiotic Label

theSNAP-ONbrothers (1977)

We're not really brothers, we're just good mates


theSNAP-ONbrothers (1977)

As live as a plug for a tv set


theSNAP-ONbrothers (1978)

Aaaargh!, are we ever gonna finish this


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1978)

Are strickly yours


Zeek Catweazle (1978)

Ingrown toenails in my ears


Zeek Catweazle & the Idiotic Greenhouse band (1978)

Let's be sick at my place, baby


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1979)

Rats in the Fridge E.P.


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1979)

A tape to be proud of


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1979)

Nuttywall Keith, the Oak tree


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1980)

the Occasional gaffawing interview album


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1980)

Lord Snooty & his pals tap dancing (best of vol. 1)


Zeek Catweazle (1981)

Don't throw away that cigarette butt, buddy


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1981)

Een tafel voor twee, alstublieft


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1981)

...are normal and they need their freedom e.p,


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1982)

the day Bud 'whoopee'itbuster and his family went bonkers


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1983)

Eating mince with Ethel and Jamima (best of vol 2)


the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ (1984)

An escape of wind from the anus


ZEEKtheFREAK (1996)

It's your roond


ZEEKtheFREAK (1997)

The word according to the philosophy of the happy psycho


ZEEKtheFREAK (1998)

Freakin'out with the necrophiliac cowboy


ZEEKtheFREAK (2000)

Transvestite Femme Fatal


ZEEKtheFREAK (2008)

Idiots seeking sanctuary at the armageddon


ZEEKtheFREAK (2009)

I am the Devil E.P.


ZEEKtheFREAK (2010)

Let it rain E.P.


ZEEKtheFREAK (2012)

Just a Fantasy E.P.


ZEEKtheFREAK (2015)

Kiss the arse of stone (single)


ZEEKtheFREAK/Don Philippo (2016)

Crawling back to mi corazon (single)


ZEEKtheFREAK (2016)

Blow a fuse E.P.


ZEEKtheFREAK (2016)

Xmas for the alkies (single)


ZEEKtheFREAK (2017)

Lost in your eyes (single)


ZEEKtheFREAK (2017)

P​.​M​.​S. (psychoz maxi singles volume 1)


ZEEKtheFREAK (2018)

Spaced out on Planet Bizarre


ZEEKtheFREAK (2018)

Fight back now (single)






Zeek D'Accoustique (2020) EXPECTED

Let sleeping dogs lie

In 2019 Zeek started his own record label for his musical releases

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