Zeek Catweazle (aka ZEEKtheFREAK) was born Steven Alexander Smith in Dundee Scotland in 1958.

Although people know him as a singer & musician, very few know of his other projects. His literature work or being editor of a tabloid.

He has one brother, He lives with his girlfriend Solange (aka author Agatha Stoneheart) and their boxer Bruce in the South of France.

Moving from Dundee in 1979, he lived in Holland for 36 years, living in various towns and villages, before settling in Alkmaar in 1982.

He moved to France in the summer of 2015, to be with Solange and Bruce


ZEEK is a writer of several novels and short stories and as you can imagine his writings are as his music, a humour, that is silly as it is controversial and even rude..

ZEEK is also involved in the theatre, he is known for being a Raving Thespian. From starting a festival for sick children to being a compère at a metal festival to appearing in a Parade

Zeek has written and drawn a cartoonpage called 'Mr. Smith's garden'.It is written for very small children

He loves to portray his Philosophical views with quotes with the help of his photography

Zeek is also producer, editor and distributor at his record label:the Pyjama Homemade Recordings



ln the early 70's his first band was an Alice Cooper cover band.

In 1977, he formed the Snap-on Brothers with Murray 'Muff' Tosh and later, after the brothers disbanded, the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ with the third member of the brothers Dave 'Giz' Mann.

In 1996, he started to record for the first time as ZEEKtheFREAK and formed a band for his stage show.

He has been involved with many projects since then, bands such as Ebo, Fill Bloom, My Celtic Faith, a project with Tommy 'theBonz' Kuilboer (ex-Freak) and Lars Vrasdonk (ex Fill Bloom) and Lennaert Roomer (Frostbyte of theFreaks)

He has started a new project ZEEK D'ACCOUSTIQUE to use for his alternative acoustic sets.



The first and probably biggest influence on his musical career was his cousin Raymond Honeyman

Later the zany humour of the Monty Python's or Spike Milligan and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band influenced his look on life.

Musically Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa and especially Flo & Eddie initially shaped his music, also bands such as Albertos Y

los Trios Paranois and the Tubes. Later such bands as Creed, Soundgarden and especially Type O Negative had an effect

on his musical direction and genre

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